Tehran has unveiled an improved line of army tanks, amid US efforts to extend an arms embargo on Iran. The Iranian Minister of Defence Brigadier General Amir Hatami displayed the new tanks of the Armed Forces of Iran, as well as a test field in the western province of Lorestan on August 13th, 2020.

Hatami stated that his country, Iran, was currently capable of manufacturing tanks equipped with the laser rangefinder system, electro-optical fire control system and ballistic computer system capable of firing at both moving and fixed targets.

Testing Tanks in Iran

Tanks were tested in Dorud County for the Armed Forces of Iran. These tank tests were conducted on the upgrading and optimizing line for the operational capacity of the tanks of Armed Forces of Iran. A display of the latest configuration of the upgraded T-27 tank in Karrar standard was also shown during these tests. The Iran defence ministry relies on domestic capabilities to strengthen Iran’s military power, as pointed out by the Iranian Minister of Defence Brigadier General Amir Hatami. New upgrades have been made to Iran’s tanks and other combat vehicles that have greatly improved the defence abilities of the country. These new tank improvements include the installation of modern electro-optical fire control system, ballistic computer, new remote control turret and night vision equipment.

New Tank Productions

Among Iran’s new line of army tanks and other army vehicles was an upgraded version of the Kian-700 tank. The Kian-700 tank is a domestically manufactured tank transporter that can carry two tanks, each weighing at 60 tons per tank. This was initially unveiled in November 2019, but the new and upgraded version of this tank-carrier can carry more than 200 tons in weight. Iran’s defence forced rely heavily on foreign weapons but the international arms embargo imposed by the United Nations in 2007 has forced the country to produce more tanks and army vehicles domestically.