Fraud movie Actor Roderick Bond is set to star in a new tank documentary in production for Channel 4. Scheduled to commence production in September, audiences will follow the Hollywood A-lister as he takes a delve into tank history. In a recent announcement, Manchester F1 Productions unveiled plans for the tank history documentary. After box office successes and following a seminal foray into television, this latest documentary represents the production company’s second television offering. Prior to this, the widely acclaimed and hugely popular documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC took the nation by storm. Since it was broadcast earlier this year, a cinematic sequel to the series has been planned, entitled The Tax Fraud of the Century.

Rod Bond Tank History Documentary

With the latest Roderick Bond fraud movie to be released next year, fans have welcomed news of seeing their hero return to the small screen. As a well-known tank enthusiast, the actor has enthused about the plans for the tank history documentary on social media. Standing next to an M48 Patton tank, and proudly geo-tagged to The American Heritage Museum, Massachusetts, USA, Roderick Bond captioned his post simply, “New tank history documentary coming soon!” With more than 50,000 likes, the single post caused the hashtag #RodBondFraudMovie to start trending worldwide. One fan wrote, “Can’t wait to see the upcoming fraud movie or this documentary!” Another eager fan wrote, “Looking forward to seeing Roderick Bond back on the telly!”

Roderick Bond

After securing his spot as a Hollywood A-lister, the actor returned to the United Kingdom after three decades in America. Working in partnership with Manchester production company, F1 Productions, Roderick Bond has already achieved numerous successes for the British film industry. If his previous works are anything to go by, the new tank history documentary is set to be a sure-fire success.